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奥运会 in English(translation,synonyms,example sentences,mean?)

Feb 9,2015 admin

 After a successful and extravagant opening ceremony, the London "奥运会 (Àoyùnhuì) Olympic Games" are now in full swing. So far, China has claimed thirty "金牌 (jīnpái) gold medals." Ye Shiwen, an athlete on the Chinese women’s swimming team, has "破世界纪录 (pò shìjiè jìlù) broken the world record."

Useful Chinese words for the Olympic Games:

奥运会 (Àoyùnhuì) Olympic Games

金牌 (jīnpái) gold medal

银牌 (yínpái) silver medal

铜牌 (tóngpái) bronze medal

破世界纪录 (pò shìjiè jìlù) to break the world record


8 yuè 2 rì, Phelps zài Lúndūn Àoyùnhuì shàng shǒu duó jīnpái.
8  月  2日,Phelps在  伦敦      奥运会       上     首     夺  金牌。

On Aug. 2, Phelps won his first gold medal at the London Olympic Games.

Zài Lúndūn Àoyùnhuì shàng, 16 suì de Yè Shīwén pò shìjiè jìlù duó guàn.
在    伦敦      奥运会       上, 16 岁  的  叶  诗文   破  世界纪录 夺  冠。

At the London Olympic Games, sixteen-year-old Ye Shiwen broke the world record and won a gold medal.

Because of the "时差 (shíchā) jet lag,” it is common for Chinese people to "熬夜 (áoyè) stay up" in order to watch the games. Many competitions are so hot that Chinese audiences stay up until midnight to see the live show. It is never easy in China to watch the NBA, the European Cup or the Olympic Games, and many people have to "翘班 (qiàobān) skip work" the next day. But even the time difference cannot stop the Chinese people's love of sports.

Language Points:

时差 (shíchā) jet lag


Gāng cóng Měiguó huílái, wǒ hái zài dǎo shíchā.
刚        从      美国   回来,我 还   在  倒    时差。

I came from the USA just now and I'm recovering from jet lag.

熬夜 (áoyè) stay up


Jīngcháng áoyè duì shēntǐ bù hǎo.
经常           熬夜 对   身体  不  好。

It is not good for the body to stay up late.

翘班 (qiàobān) to skip work


Měinián wǒ dōu huì qiàobān kàn NBA bǐsài.
每年      我   都   会   翘班     看  NAB 比赛。

Every year I skip work to watch the NBA.

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