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达人 in English(translation,synonyms,example sentences,mean?)

Feb 9,2015 admin

Key learning point:

达人(dárén): an expert or someone who is outstanding in a specified field

What is your “达人(dárén) talent?”

中国达人秀 (zhōngguó dárénxiù)

中国达人秀 (zhōngguó dárénxiù) or China’s Got Talent, a show which searches for talent within the public, has taken the Chinese word 达人 (dárén) and put it center stage. The word now refers to an expert or  talent and is quickly catching on as a buzzword among netizens. Some examples of it’s use can be seen in new words such as love expert, number talent, beauty expert, microblog expert and so on.

唱歌达人 (chànggē dárén)  Singing Talent

It refers to a talented vocalist.


Tā 17 suì shí jiù yǐ chéng wéi le chànggē dárén.
她 17   岁   时 就 已    成 为     了   唱 歌 达 人。

She became a singing talent when she was 17.

美丽达人 (měilì dárén)  Beauty Expert

Denotes a beautiful woman with her own secrets for everlasting beauty.


Měilì dárén zhǐ yòng zuìhǎo de huàzhuāngpǐn.
美丽    达人  只  用       最好   的     化 妆 品。

An expert in beauty only wears the top cosmetics around.

舞蹈达人 (wǔdǎo dárén) Dancing Talent


Yào xiǎng chéng wéi wǔdǎo dárén shì yíjiàn hěn kùnnan de shì.
要     想        成  为      舞 蹈   达 人  是  一件   很   困难    的   事。

To be a dancing talent is very difficult.

时尚达人 (shíshàng dárén)  Fashion Expert

A person very familiar with international fashion trends.


Tā xiǎng chéng wéi yí wèi shíshàng dárén.
她   想        成   为    一 位    时  尚    达  人。

She wants to be a fashion expert.

购物达人 (gòuwù dárén)  Shopping Expert

An expert in shopping knows malls and department stores like the back of his or her hand.


Zuì rèzhōng yú gòuwù de rén jiào gòuwù dárén.
最     热衷    于   购物   的  人  叫    购 物 达 人。

The people who are fond of shopping are called Shopping Expert.

恋爱达人 (liàn’ài dárén)  Love Expert

A person with experience in romance and pursuing matters of the heart.


Tā hěn gāoxìng chéng wéi yígè liàn’ài dárén.
她  很      高兴     成  为        一个  恋爱   达人。

She loves being an expert of love.

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